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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
You say, you have no dog in this fight. I'm willing to bet that over half (that's about 1700+posts) of your posts here at VNN deal exclusively with how you think Edgar Steele was, and is, insane.

How is that having no dog in the fight when you're so obviously focussed on using VNN exclusively to say that Steele is crazy?

And who are you that you feel the need to spend years trying to convince people that Steele is crazy? Why is it so much your business to do so?
I have no dog in this coin shop fight and you would know that had you read my post more carefully. It is my business to get my former White Nationalist colleague out of prison when his race traitor self professed gold digger wife wants him locked up for life. It is also my business to enlighten the Steele cheerleaders that he was not framed. It is my job to stop the swindle of White Nationalism by the Steele camp. Most importantly, it is my job to calm the closet Nazis who are scared to come out because that they think that Steele was framed.