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Angry You Also Need to Read the Thread

Originally Posted by Hell Raising Woman View Post
Your logic on this matter sinks to the level of illogical fallacy on many levels, but in particular that of a straw man.

First, one’s own cell phone records doesn’t prove the owner made a phone call or a series of phone calls. Anyone could have made a phone call using Steele’s cell phone without his knowledge and faked Steele’s voice. In addition, the expert witness on voice recordings was denied testimony.

Secondly, the Feds made Fairfax repay because Steele claims Fairfax stole $10,000 worth of silver. Whether or not, according to you, Steele informed Fairfax where the Silver is kept so that it wouldn’t look like Steele directly paid him in Silver is moot anyway and cannot be proven. Besides, the Feds in this situation could have easily make it look like Fairfax was independently involved while making the Feds/ADL look “squeaky clean.”

Thirdly, just because his websites have not been touched doesn’t mean he was not framed. Your statement otherwise has serious illogical conclusions. Again, the “squeaky clean” image is important and can easily be used as a deterrent.

Fourthly, anyone who is jailed can write anything in his/her letters and still be read by the authorities without their intervention. This includes writing about escaping or wishing to escape. Interventions don’t necessarily happen whenever one writes about escaping or complains about the government. Freedom of speech is a right and a right given to jailers.

Fifthly, anyone can file a complaint against a charge or against a prosecutor or against a gang of persecutors of being framed or false evidence or challenge claims brought forth in which no evidence is found to fully convict a person, but merely on hearsay or merely this person said that or this person said this. In addition, if the gang of persecutors are allowed hearsay into court, yes, it would be difficult for Steele not to have evidence proving otherwise at that particular time, especially when there are no credible witnesses for his behalf. If Steele had planned the pipe bomb, etc., a lot of preparation would have more than likely been made to steer himself completely from looking guilty. Of course, then again, justice is blind. In addition, lack of memory is not the same as “crazy” or “insane.”

What is insane is your continuous obsession with this case. I have to wonder, Pauly, if your obsession is more than just trying to get Steele to admit to his insanity, which there is no proof and which will not improve his chances of getting out of jail, but to only label him in a negative way. I also have to wonder if the “lies” and “theft” as you put it are some psychological manifestation in which you yourself is guilty of at some point in your life that has gone unsolved.
Like the other Steele cheerleaders you need to read the thread before you post. Like you, they hide behind screen names to beat up on me when I am a public Nazi. Get your undisputed facts right before you post.

Steel made a cell phone call to Fairfax as the later was coming to the ranch for a second meeting. Part of that call was captured on the recording and the time was authenticated from Steele's own cell phone records. This is one of the best proofs that the recordings are genuine. This gave the government only 11 days to produce world class recordings before they were played for Cyndi.

Read the thread. Steele claims that Fairfax stole $45,000 worth of silver in three stashes, not $10,000 worth. Fairfax claims that Steele gave him 600 ounces of silver in two installments. Checks that Fairfax got for that silver were introduced into evidence and were uncontested. Steel sold about $55,000 worth of silver on 21 April, 2010 about 7 weeks before he was arrested. This sale is uncontested. There have been no attempts to show that Fairfax ever had any more silver.

Steele has been allowed to bash the government without restriction. It makes it look rather foolish for him to claim that they were trying to silence him. He wrote a dozen rants from jail while awaiting trial that were published. He was allowed to file an Idaho bar complaint against the Federal prosecutor which was heard by the Supreme Court there. Steele dared the judge to break the Guinness Book of world records in the sentence he handed down. It doesn't look like the government was trying very hard to silence him.

Pravda Bill's website was taken down when he was arrested. Steele's websites were not touched. His wife was allowed to repeatedly beg for money and lie about the water at Victorville prison being poisoned. She could be prosecuted for mail and wire fraud at any time. They could also get her for massive perjury during the trial. Instead she is allowed to live in sin happily with her new Sugar Daddy who is a Federal informant. Cyndi is a full partner with the government in keeping her husband locked up for life.

How much money did you contribute to Steele's defense? How many times have your written him in jail or prison? What is your motive in attacking my attempts to get him out of prison and get his head fixed?

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