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John O'Neill John1943 • 4 days ago −
As a former and retired(thank God) public school teacher I can attest to the truth of this article. My fellow teachers were indeed the dimmest bulbs in the lamp, very few of them had any competence or erudition beyond what some dim wit in education school drummed into them. To them education was making the students fills out endless lists of work sheets which were basically make work projects. The worse were the teachers and administrators who held doctorates and insisted, insisted that everyone call them doctor; anyone who has gone to grad school knows that a Phd. in Education is the equivalent to an advanced degree in horse manure studies. The male students were treated as inferior and yes almost all the honor students and student council leaders were girls. Boys were relegated as Neanderthals to the sports team. Shortly before I retired I noticed that about ninety percent of the new teachers were women. Public schools in America are a joke and becoming increasingly irrelevant. BTW I taught Latin and was considered an odd ball because I demanded correct grammar both in Latin and English.
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