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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I will coin 'malfie,' for a shot taken by a malicious other to make someone look bad.

Notice the choices involved in the photo:

- photographer chooses to shoot the subject from below (which always makes the subject appear to loom over someone, like frankstein);
- fotog chooses to shoot 3/4 angle (from which very, very few people look good)
- fotog chooses to shoot at a moment when the subject's facial expression reads as negative as possible (whiny, petulant, crabby, self-pitying, greedy)

All these technical choices amount to one greater or strategic, political choice: to make the subject appear bad as possible.

You will find these shots over and over again in the controlled media, always predictable in their political orientation.
I had an experience with an enemydia photographer yesterday in which he went to a great deal of trouble to get a low 3/4 angle shot of an overpass banner that was displayed in plain sight. You can see the image he selected at 3:00 in this video.

Below is a photo similar to what he would have gotten if he'd done things the easy way.