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Nockda Redout
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Nockda Redout

Just another vehicle for the Jews to sneak their nation wrecking propaganda into the minds of their unsuspecting Gentile victims.
The average television viewer is in a hypnotic state within 20 seconds after they begin watching the Jew tube and are highly susceptible to suggestion.
The message is almost always the same.
The poor oppressed victim of color is being bullied by the evil White people and you are naturally going to be on the side of the good guy who saves the day.
Every five or ten minutes you are barraged with race mixing messages produced by Jew owned advertising agencies that are intended to normalize race mixing and same sex couples.
The more you see them the more you get used to the idea.
That is why you see so many White girls with Nigger husbands and boy friends on commercials.
Snap out of it and see it for what it really is.
They are actors who were deliberately cast to play mixed race couples to get the Goyim used to the idea that Niggers with White girls is perfectly normal and healthy.
It is much easier for them to push their nation wrecking agenda on a audience that has been lulled into submission than one that is awake and aware of what is going on around them.
"Oh shit,..look at the cock roaches."
From a famous wet back folk tale.