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Do you remember when Donald Trump made his famous comments about Sweden last year?

‘Last Night in Sweden’? Trump’s Remark Baffles a Nation

LONDON — Swedes reacted with confusion, anger and ridicule on Sunday to a vague remark by President Trump that suggested that something terrible had occurred in their country.

During a campaign-style rally on Saturday in Florida, Mr. Trump issued a sharp if discursive attack on refugee policies in Europe, ticking off a list of places that have been hit by terrorists.

“You look at what’s happening,” he told his supporters. “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

The jewish media immediately started attacking and ridiculing Trump by saying that he had made up a terrorist attack. "No such attack took place last night", they said. Of course, the jewish media were lying because president Trump never used the word "terrorist attack"; he was talking about the enormous amount of crimes that immigrants from the Middle East and Africa commit in Sweden.

So people started looking into The Donald's comments and discovered that he was right, and the media were basically forced to write about the subject in order to preserve the last shred of credibility that they thought they had left. Here's an article from the British newspaper The Telegraph:

They won't admit it in Stockholm, but Donald Trump is right about immigration in Sweden

On the day I arrived in Sweden, a 23-year-old was murdered in the city square there, shot in the head in front of several witnesses. It was the third such murder in six weeks. The local press tends not to report the ethnicity of the victim or suspects in such attacks, but Swedes have learnt to recognise immigrant-related gang crime when the see it. Foreigners who visit the wrong part of Sweden can pay a heavy price: last summer a British boy was killed in a grenade attack in Gothenburg as he slept with his family.
If grenades were being thrown into children's bedrooms in Birmingham or asylum centres were being torched in Surrey, the immigration debate in Britain might be a little different. The word "crisis" might be used. But what's striking about Sweden is how defensive policymakers are when confronted about all this; how insistent they are that things are under control.

Here's a similar article from The New York Times:

Sweden, Nation of Open Arms, Debates Implications of Immigration

But recently Swedes also find themselves questioning the wisdom of their generosity to outsiders in need, and its potential limits, leading to the country's harshest debate ever over immigration.
Mr. Trump is not the only person pointing to what he considers to be the troubling consequences of immigration to Sweden. This month, a seasoned investigator with the police department in Orebro, Peter Springare, caused a stir with a Facebook posting in which he discussed the case files on his desk.
"What I've been handling Monday-Friday this week: Rape, rape, serious rape, assault rape, black mail, black mail, assault in court, threats, attack against police, threats against police, drugs, serious drugs, attempted murder, rape again, black mail again and abuse," Mr. Springare said. He went on to list the first names of the people he said were suspects, all but one of which were traditionally Middle Eastern.
People sent hundreds of flowers to Mr. Springare's police station, and more than 170,000 people joined a Facebook group supporting him.

And the Washington Post:

Riots erupt in Sweden's capital just days after Trump comments

And as I have shown in this thread, jews are responsible for the disastrous situation that Sweden is in.