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Default ‘Treatise‘ I shouldn‘t have said

Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
I'm not being nasty here ColdFire . . .
I don‘t take your post for ‘nasty‘ . .
. . . but do you really consider the childish, video splattered postings on VNNF these days 'treatises'
. . I called it ‘treatise‘ for lack of a better word . . . .

Well . . could have said , sharing thoughts on it . . . . maybe ‘treatise‘ was pockered a bit too high . . .

From Oxford Dictionary, definition of 'treatise' ...a written work, dealing formally and systematically with a subject.
. . . yeah , suppose that‘d rather fit a lecture at a university.
What do I think about 'rumors' that the KKK is part of the "NWO"? hahaha.

Dude, please.
Such rumours do exist . . . I wished to ask what fellow movement members here thought about these rumours since the KKK in the long run claims to support our cause . . .

And I used the word ‘treatise‘ just once for the thoughts about music . . May have been the wrong word . .

Carry on, obviously management here approves of your message.
I used the word ‘treatise‘ mistakenly for the thoughts about music . . I do not mean postings on internet-forums in general.