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Originally Posted by Nikola Bijeliti View Post
Yes, I have observed that, and it is so true. Yet I have heard women at work who are adamant about not having babies and, more especially, about not breastfeeding babies. There is one woman who is adamant about not breastfeeding, another who refused to do so because it took too much time, another who said it was extremely painful so she stopped. (I'm not a woman, but I'm guessing that, if it was painful, she was probably doing it wrong.) And they are the nuttiest women at work. The calmest ones are the older ones who have already had several children who have all moved out.
I believe that the child free groups should be considered hate groups and the child free sites should be considered hate sites surely if this lovely place VNN forum is considered a hate site the child free sites should be considered hate sites also? I'm sure children would be offended by them and pregnant women as well. Child free women call children parasites surely that's offensive to children and counts as hate speech? Sure white children give back more to society than they take and the same cannot be said for other groups of special people occupying our nations. Why is it ok to say you hate children but not ok to say you hate nonwhites or hate women or whatever? Sure children are an identifiable group too.

Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Not having sex or children and families also affects men in a negative way when a man encounters women who don't want children or is rejected by a woman. Be happy you have a husband, children and a good marriage, Breanna.

By the way, what are "incels?"
I am happy Ray the negatives of our society that I vent about besides and I hope all proud white men will find love and have families nothing in the world would make me happier! The incels are men that have never found a woman to be with and adopt this as their identity. A few of them are after going on killing sprees in their rage.
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