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Talking lack of introspection itz

Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Not having sex or children and families also affects men in a negative way when a man encounters women who don't want children or is rejected by a woman. Be happy you have a husband, children and a good marriage, Breanna.

By the way, what are "incels?"
'Incel' means 'involuntarily celibate' ...someone who speaks and acts so repulsively toward the opposite sex that they never get laid.

Like the dude that's always raving about what duplicitous bitches all women are, claims that all he need do is snap his fingers and any pig will spread her legs for him, calls his mother a cunt couple dozen times a day, he just generally treats women disrespectfully all the time for no apparent reason and is deservedly disliked and shunned by most women for his behavior.

Or it could be the female that yakks all the time about how inadequate all men are generally, how no man can satisfy her (), what losers, fuck ups and liars men are basically, how her father abandoned her, how her ex husband was sleeping in their marriage bed with his secretary, starts most of her conversations with how the most recent ex boyfriend dumped her for some other twat ...

Funny thing is neither this male or female can seem to figure out that their attitude is the reason the opposite sex has no interest in them. So their behavior creates a self defeating cycle that usually ends with them crashing and burning. And these people aren't necessarily repulsive looking, most times they are not its how they behave that turns everyone off.

Its one thing to vent about what douchebags the opposite sex can be on occasion but spewing the bull-shit 24/7 toward anyone within earshot turns you into a social pariah and you end up eventually only being able to relate to other people who feel the same as you and cluster with them to commiserate.

VNN forum member Susan has called the members of this forum 'the woman haters club' and Ive heard the word incel used to describe some members of this forum who always complain that they never get laid.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of life.

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres; unam partem incolunt Belgae ...

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