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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[It's not just the U.S. whose media are controlled by jews; it's Sweden, too.]

[A Swede writes us...]

Just wanted to say that the jews in sweden own the media to almost 100%. We have the Bonnier family ( ) that are very powerfull in the media. They have 150 companies and 12000 employes in 20 countrys.

Then we have Peter Hjörne another jew that owns Stampen AB ( ). He own over 25 swedish newspapers and other companies linked to the media.

when Schildler's List came to Sweden the jew Peter Hjörne payed all 9th graders in gothenburg (2nd largest city in ) sweden to see that propaganda movie and yes I was one of them who was forced to see it.

And the biggest newspaper in Sweden Aftonbladet has a jewish Chefeditor in charge Helle Klein grandchild to Rabbi Gottlieb Klein.

Another jew in media is Robert Aschberg who owns Strix television that produces tvshow for big tvchannels in sweden. He is a big donar to Expo the swedish version of ADL.

There are only 20 000 jews in Sweden (0.2%) and still they controll almost all media. This pattern is the same all around white countrys.

The jews have started this mess in Sweden. They are only against muslims caus they fight back against them but dont care if savage african cristiams comes to Sweden. They controll every mind here we are far worse then any country in the world exept SA. White males have become girls and dress upp like faggots. Girls are like men and they love the niggers.