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Nearly 7-foot long snake shot by state trooper
by The Grand Rapids Press
Monday August 18, 2008, 3:45 PM

A Michigan state trooper holds a 6-foot-10 snake that was shot and killed in Port Sheldon Township.

WEST OLIVE -- A state trooper shot and killed a nearly 7-foot long snake, believed to be a Burmese python, after it slithered onto a Port Sheldon Township road and was acting aggressively toward passing motorists.

Trooper Bill Coon, of the Grand Haven post, used his .40-caliber handgun to shoot the snake after nearby homeowner Brian Ahlin ran it over with his pickup several times to try to kill it. Ahlin and another motorist called police after finding the snake on 156th Avenue south of Croswell Street.

Ahlin was worried it might attack children in the area or pose a danger to pets.

Police suspect the snake was set loose by someone who no longer wanted the animal or it simply escaped a home. The snake measured 6-foot, 10-inches.

Ahlin said his pickup did not seem to cause any injury to the snake, which lunged at his truck.

"I didn't do a darn thing to it. It was like going over a rubber hose," he said.

Coon said the snake also lunged at him as he approached.

Neighbors said wildlife is common in the area, but not huge snakes.

"This was very different," Ahlin said. "The only thing you see around here is deer and turkey," he said.