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[2 girl 1 cup? dat noting. try 2 snake 1 spida.

goofy chink story - 3 inch story yet with illustration? odd]

All die when snake pair gang up on large spider
(China Daily)

2008-10-31 09:08

The bodies of two snakes and a spider were found entwined together on the lawn of a housing estate in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, on Oct 20.

The two snakes, including a green and yellow-and-black species, were coiled together with a 10-cm-long spider lying on top.

Local residents believe all were poisonous and died after a fierce fight the previous night.

[Gotta love that "fierce." Whatsamatter, Wan-Hung, you look tired? Ah, the goddam snakes and spider were going at it again last night. Couldn't sleep a wink.]

A brief ruckus ensued as locals battled to secure the remains for two-snake-one-spider soup, a regional specialty.

(Dongfang Jinbao News)