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Blake Smith

Nigger melted model girlfriend's face with acid

A MARTIAL arts thug had a beautiful model scarred for life in a horrific acid attack that “melted” her face.

Danny Lynch, 32, plotted terrible revenge after the blonde — also a satellite TV presenter — told him their brief fling was over.

The 24-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wept as she re-lived the moment her blossoming career was wrecked.

She agreed to date muscular Lynch after he contacted her on her Facebook website, Wood Green Crown Court in North London heard.

But when he realised the relationship was failing, steroid-crazed Lynch put her in a wrestling hold and battered her unconscious at a hotel.

He also held a razor to her face and threatened to hang her with a belt.

Three days later he got pal Stefan Sylvestre to throw concentrated sulphuric acid in her face as he lurked nearby.

She recalled Lynch telling her: “I’ve got a present for you.” The girl had third degree burns. She said: “I felt I was burning alive.” Despite a dozen operations, she is scarred for life.

Prosecutor Richard Milne said: “He intended to permanently disfigure her. He succeeded.”

Details of the attack can be reported after Lynch, of Shepherd’s Bush, West London, was acquitted of an unrelated robbery yesterday.

He was convicted of GBH last month. The jury failed to reach a verdict on a charge of raping the girl. Sylvestre, 20, also of Shepherd’s Bush, admitted GBH.

The pair will be sentenced later.