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Kym Worthy is also a pillar of the black Democratic Party establishment, going back to her role as an assistant prosecutor of two white policemen who beat to death a black man, Malice Green, on the city’s southwest side in 1992.
I understand this nigger bitch hasn't paid taxes since 2000 and is under investigation.

I can't believe you left this nigger out, Alex:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal agents searched the Capitol Hill office of a Louisiana congressman under investigation on bribery charges Sunday, while newly released court papers said agents found $90,000 in cash last year in his Washington home.
In a 95-page affidavit used to obtain a warrant for the office search, investigators stated that an August 2005 search of Democratic Rep. William Jefferson's home turned up the cash sum in a freezer.
The money was divided among various frozen food containers, according to the heavily redacted affidavit. (Watch what Jefferson said about the 'hell' of being investigated -- 4:47)
Agents told a judge the money was part of a $100,000 payment that had been delivered by an informant in the bribery probe, which already has led to guilty pleas by a Kentucky businessman and a former Jefferson aide.
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