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Default Son Watched As Father Stabbed Mother To Death

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Son Watched As Father Stabbed Mother To Death
Couple Long Accused Each Other Of Abuse

By Teresa Woodard

March 30, 2009
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com) - St. Louis police say a seven year old boy watched his father stab his mother to death. The killing happened inside a car, and the victim's family says it was a violent end to a long, violent relationship. Inside Diane Johnson's apartment in St. Peters, there is a family photo with one face missing. Her 33 year old daughter, Paula Jones sits, holding three kids. Her older, son, Dwayne Johnson, stands beside her. The man torn from the photo is William Owens who is Jones's husband and her alleged killer.

"She got so sick of the mental and physical abuse," said Johnson on Monday, the eve of his 18th birthday. "He hit on my mom. I'd tell him it's not cool man and he didn't like that. Because I'm not gonna sit there and let a man do that to my mom when I'm there. So he didn't much like me."

Johnson and his family says Jones and Owens, 48, had a violent relationship, which ended at the intersection of Page and Skinker Sunday evening. Jones drove, Owens sat in the back seat, and their seven year old son rode in the passenger seat.

Police say the little boy watched his father stab his mother to death, multiple times, in the abdomen and neck.

"She did not deserve to go like that," says Johnson. "I had sat my mom down and was like, listen, 'You don't need to be in a relationship like that.'"

"She finally got it through her head, but when she did, I guess it was too late."

Jones had moved out, but her family says Owens broke into her temporary home in St. Peters, stealing some of her belongings and their children's TV and DVD player. Her family says Owens called her repeatedly Sunday, promising to return what he took if she drove to North St. Louis to meet him.

"She didn't have a lot of money, so she wanted to get her stuff back," says Johnson. "And she went down there with my little brother and next thing I know I get a phone call that says my mom's dead."

Both Jones and Owens had been arrested and charged with violence against each other many times.

Owens had let out on bond multiple times. He is now charged with murder, armed criminal action and endangering the welfare of his son. His bond is now a million dollars, cash only.

Diane and Dwayne both say their family simply wants justice.

"I love you, mom. Rest in peace. I love you so much," says Dwayne. And a single tear runs down his face.

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