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Default Re: Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot"

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Perhaps I confused you. Whether he loves the Ukrainian whore or not is irrelevant. When he writes her from his jail cell, he is crazy as a shit house rat as a matter of law. That proves that he has NO contact with reality.
No, you didn't confuse me. Whether he loves the Ukrainian woman or not is very, very relevant. If he loves her to the point of murder (and to the point of risking alienating his kids by killing their mum) in order to be free to be with her, then he is not going to risk their love by sending love letters to 99 of her fellow countrywomen. This suggests to me that his claim of exposing some scam is probably true.

Can you tell me which law it is that states you are mad if you write to a girlfriend from prison? We don't have that law here. That it was unwise of him is probably true. That he had too much faith in the system by believing that he would be believed as to the reason for the letters is probably true. That he is insane is unsubstantiated conjecture.

Another point to consider is that the greater the mind is, the harder they fall when dementia or insanity strikes. That he was a lawyer suggests he had an above-average mind. If insanity were to strike him, it would hit him hard and it is doubtful he would be able to hide it from the world in general. One certainly wouldn't have to scour and dig to find vague incidents that might suggest a mental aberration if one spins them hard enough.

He knows the law. His actions suggest he has a sufficient enough grasp on reality to be able to make the insanity defence if he wished, knowing it would buy him an easier life. He didn't.

Do you think your hatred of lawyers might be colouring your judgment?

Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
Thank you, Bev.

You've officially become a member, with the other sane, of the 'Crazy Steele, Crazy Cheerleader Camp.' Our mascot is The Mighty Shithouse Rat.

We have a reciprocity agreement to use the pool at the 'Ridiculous Round Earth, Insane Cheerleader Society.'
I seem to be in good (and a large) company. I just haven't seen anything that convinces me he is insane.
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