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Smile Naked Disco Dancing for the Jury

Originally Posted by Bev View Post
But he didn't. However:

It would depend on other things whether I thought he was insane for dancing starkers in the courtroom. He could, from that, be insane. Or he could be setting the stage for himself to be declared insane.

I would need to know how he acted in other situations, when the officials weren't watching him and there was nobody he needed to convince. That's why I considered the fact that his wife, family, and more importantly, his own demeanour, don't appear to indicate there was anything wrong with him.
You essentially gave the correct answer here. There are many scenarios where it would be a rational act for him to dance naked in front of the jury. Here is one. Suppose that he saw that the jury selection was horrible and they were going to hang him. In that case if he danced naked in front of the jury, he would be essentially certain to get a mistrial. He would be subject to contempt of court, but he would already be locked up with nothing to lose. A new jury would be more than worth it. He also might get his head examined but that would again be more than worth it.

Read the letters that he wrote to his Ukrainian girlfriend. It is beyond argument that if he wrote ANY Ukrainian women from his jail cell for ANY reason, then he was crazier than a shit house rat. In answer to your question, it is an unwritten law here that such behavior makes you crazy as a matter of law. Perhaps I missed a scenario but I can't think of any possibility.