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Woodpecker Need help with "enemies" video section

I created a new VNN Video category called "Enemies"

What i need is for people to either

A) find videos outing these AntiWhite peices of trash (people or orgs)
B) If none exist and you know how to create videos, please create a new video exposing the slimey antiwhite behavior of a known enemy of White people. Upload to preferably

Then add the video to the enemies section. Try to keep the title of the videos in the same format I have the others

Check out the new Enemies category to see examples of the type of video I am looking for:

Here is a list of prominent anti-white enemies in which you can search for (or create you own) on various supported video sites (Youtube, WNTube,, 88tube, etc)

Here is the VNNF subforum "enemies" in which you could gather names and info:

Here is a list that PeterKramer made a poll for (Thanks) :

Originally Posted by PeterKramer View Post
According to your votes.

The Top 40 Enemies of White People

The number following each name is the total number of votes on August 20, 2009.

Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein) 19
Abraham H. Foxman 16
Morris Dees 15
Elie Wiesel 15
George Soros 13
Mark Potok 12
Rahm Emanuel 12
Barack Obama 12
Steven Spielberg 12
Diane Feinstein 12
Nathaniel Philip Rothschild 12
Ben Shalom Bernanke 11
Paul Wolfowitz 11
Michael Eisner 11
Rupert Murdoch 11
Bono 10
Alan Greenspan 10
Irving Kristol 10
Joe Lieberman 10
John Hagee 10
Madonna 10
Warren Buffet 10
Michael Chertoff 10
Angelina Jolie 9
Charles Schumer 9
Heidi Klum 9
Bill Clinton 8
Norman Podhoretz 8
Bill Gates 8
Barbara Boxer 8
Richard Perle 8
David Axelrod 7
Ari Fleischer 7
Arlen Spector 7
Henry Waxman 7
Bob Geldof 6
Bill Kristol 6
Arthur Sulzburger Jr. 6
Brad Pitt 6
Elliott Abrams 6

Where did this list come from?

Three polls were conducted here.

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Anyone with six or more votes made the top forty.