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Exclamation Dead videos

Since youtube and other video hosting sites like to censor videos, I created a 'dead videos' category.

What are considered 'dead videos':

(youtube) These are videos that when you hit play.. it will jump directly to the 'related videos' ticker and give an error message about either "user removed video", "removed due to copywrite", "removed due to terms violations" ... move or report these videos right away.. If a video says 'an error has occurred' keep the video where it is and check back in a few days- if its still shows the same thing move it.

How you can help:

Method I:

You can only move videos which you have added to VNN's video directory yourself.

1. on the video search box type in your VNN username
2. the most likely videos to have been removed are youtube videos.. go through all of your youtube videos and make sure they play.. if they do not click 'edit' then move it to the dead videos category.
3. hopefully someone will either A) find your video on a different hosting site readd it to VNN B) re-upload your original video on a different hosting site and re-add it to VNN

Method II:

When you view a video (that you did not add) and it doesn't work click the 'report video' link down under the actions tab, so that it will be easier for me to find and fix.

It is a huge task for me to check all 1,339 videos linked to on VNN and move the dead ones.. So if you could move your own or report the dead links it would be appreciated.

Remember.. The most likely videos to have been removed are

A) from youtube
B) controversial / outright racist / prowhite / antijew / Videos or music that might be copy-written material

Check those videos with highest priority and either move them or report them.