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Default LL: Antonio Rosales (continued)

Rape Suspect Forced To
Wear Bizarre Mask After Outburst

www.wftv.com , Florida
December 6, 2007

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- First, a homeless child rape suspect turned violent in a Seminole County courtroom. Then he was forced to wear a mask on his face to keep him from spitting, before the jury returned a guilty verdict late Thursday afternoon.
Antonio Rosales
Antonio Rosales is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. Before court could even begin Thursday, a judge had to decide if Rosales was competent to stand trial after a violent outburst Wednesday.

After a brief hearing Thursday, Rosales told a judge he wanted to be left out of the courtroom because he said he might lash out again. Initially, a team of deputies brought 41-year-old Antonio Rosales into the courtroom wearing a bizarre mesh head-covering and a mask. Authorities said they put it on him after he threatened to spit at people.

The illegal immigrant from Guatemala is on trial for the attempted murder and sexual battery of a 10-year-old girl in Casselberry in 2003. A court appointed doctor said Rosales was insulted by the allegation he's a child molester....

"This is someone who told me that was he is insulted," court-appointed doctor Jeffrey Danziger said.

Despite the outburst, the judge found Rosales competent to continue his trial. During that hearing, extra deputies surrounded Rosales, who promised to behave....

Late Thursday afternoon, the jury returned a guilty verdict against Rosales on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and sexual battery after deliberating for around two hours. Rosales faces a mandatory life sentence, but has to stand trial for murder in Arizona.

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