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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post
You're a fucking idiot. I was stationed at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.C. and was exposed (POISONED) to some 70 volatile organic compounds. Routes of exposure were through the drinking water which I ingested for at least a year and half, inhaled when showering, and ate with food prepared with the water.

Two 500,000 gallon underground fuel tanks leaked into the aquifers supplying the base with drinking water. A dry cleaner on base threw the TCE waste from his business out the back door which then went into the aquifers that supplied drinking water to the base.

750,000 men, women, and children drank that shit for at least 30 years. When the Marine Corps found out that the water was contaminated they didn't shut the water plant down but knowingly and criminally let men, women, and children continue to drink that contaminated water for at least five more years.

Read all about it here asshole:

The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten

and here:

Water Survivors

You're a government agent of some sort and should be limited to the opposition forums or put in the Tard Coral. In a perfect world you'd be hunted down and re-educated.

In passing, go fuck yourself.
Our resident bed pan changer missed the point. Any fool knows that contaminated water can cause cancer. We were not talking about Marine Corp bases with contaminated water. We were talking about Cyndi's assertion that the water at a Federal prison in Victorville is contaminated.

This is a clear lie. Contamination at former George AFB is just like any other closed Air Force Force Base. Old jet fuel tanks develop pin hole leaks from rust in the bottom and contaminate the water table. This jet fuel is a thousand foot deep and no wells are there.

This happens every day in closed gasoline stations over the country. That is why the EPA is making their owners dig up the tanks. Presumably modern tanks are plastic lined to prevent this.

There are about 5100 prisoners at Victorville. http://www.bop.gov/locations/weekly_report.jsp


There would be dozens of lawsuits from these prisoners if there was anything wrong with the water.

They get their water from Victorville see


The water that services the BOP ( as it was called back in 1997) was obtained by a memorandum of understanding between the cities of Victorville and Adelanto signed in 1997. I’m in the process of getting a copy of the final agreement that explains why Adelanto would have given 80% of their water rights at George AFB away to Victorville.
The 115,000 Citizens of Victorville would be up at arms if anything was wrong with their water. Cyndi is lying about this and this is not her first one. She was also responsible for swindling her husband's supporters out of $122,000. That money was given to a worthless now disbarred lawyer who put on a defense which would have shamed a first year law student. Her real complaint is that she has to drive too far to visit. This is as bogus as the so called Ukrainian bride scam.

Pravda Bill White was locked up far away from Virginia before he was released on appeal. I don't think that the Feds consider the convenience of visitors when they select prison locations. Falsely complaining about the water totally discredits any possible just complaints about prison assignments. Cyndi doesn't seem to be worried about any of the other 5,000 inmates drinking that same water.

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