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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Craig Cobb had a DNA test done from one of the companies (forget which one) that claimed he was 10% nigger or something like that. You can tell by looking at him he doesn't have a single drop of nigger in him. 10% admixture would represent itself in physical features. Especially negroid DNA. It makes sense that jews would claim any White person sending in a DNA test is part nigger, because we're all the same, right?
Clearly so. That was when he was a guest on some TV show years ago. He fell for a trap and it goes without saying results would be rigged, assuming a test was even run at all. He should have found an independent lab somewhere, run it early and have the results in-hand before going on air. Personally, I'd never go on air in such an obviously rigged environment.

Sub-Saharan DNA is like an early warning system in our gene pool; it shows up even in small amounts like a shit stain on a white carpet. It's difficult to miss it.