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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Jew psychologist George Weinberg coined the ridiculous word "homophobia" in order to smear normal, heterosexual men:
yeah it was coined then, i dont think it was ever really used until about a year after GRIDS was renamed AIDS and they started blaming Reagan for it. you could still, as i've said, having lived thru it and been involved in public (campus) debate, criticize fags for about 6-9 months, but after that it iced over, and anyone who criticized queers, as i did, was immediately labeled a homophobe

leftism/intolerance are two sides of a coin. the leftists are the type and breed that can't tolerate any disagreement on anything. but that only applies to whiteskin leftists because they are 'real' leftists; jews are only leftists by instrument. jews know what they are doing; most whiteskins do not. they are young genetic delusionals, miscultured by the powers that be, or true genetic fanatics whose only tool is lying/killing/doubling down.