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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post
So Steele is going to pay a 90 IQ 'hitman' with silver coins bearing his finger prints? Yeah, sure.
Obviously Steele would have removed his finger prints. So if his finger prints are on the coins it would likely imply a setup. But it would seem that tracking down the course of silver coins would not be hard anyway.

But there would be no reason for Fairfax to remove his finger prints, and it is hard not to believe that the 90 IQ hit-man would spend time touching all his shiny new coins drooling all over them.

It was interesting that one MSM source stated something like "and Fairfax did said he did not even tell his wife about the $10,000 in silver coins". Who told the MSM that? Was it included in the pipe bomb charges against him? But he did tell his wife he was going to following Steele's wife to Oregon.