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Default King Jesus

According to Ralph Ellis in his book King Jesus the New Testement Jesus is a fiction...Ellis found the real Jesus in the historical record,,The real Jesus was a minor

king who ruled over 2 cities on the eastern edge of Syria,,,The real Jesus was a direct decendant of Julius Ceaser and Cleopatra ,and led the revolt againt Rome in 70 AD...He was born circa 15 AD...This King Jesus was a Gnostic,maried to his queen who's name was Martha...Ellis noted that another historian in the past had stumbled unto this histirical Jesus but was too afraid to go public with it....another book by Ellis helps support his thesis,,,that book being From Cleopatra to Christ...

It would appear that the fake New Testement story was a very basterdized version of the true someone who has read many books on Jesus I am convinced that Ellis's King Jesus is the actual historical figure.,,BTW,,I am not a chistian,,,I am a Gnostic...