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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
For all Hugh's maundering, they don't have any political power either. I mean, how embarrassing is it that you are the 90% majority in a country and you have to withdraw from the "public" schools because they teach something you don't believe? Then some clown says you don't get political power by attacking them. I guess he's excepting the jews from that judgment. You know - the ones who own and run the country and shit on christ-insanity every chance they get?
Alex, claiming that Christians have no power, then blaming them for the downfall of the White race, is somewhat contradictory.
Why aren't atheists leading the way then, and showing how it's done?

Jews have little power at local level, one should not mistake infighting between Whites for Jewish manipulation.
Jews have only been around for 3000 years, Whites for hundreds of thousands probably.

Whites happily butchered and raped and plundered each other long before Jews came along, do so where there aren't any Jews at all, and will do so when there aren't any Jews anymore.
It's just on a lesser scale, and less damaging.

Whites don't all get along, and never have.
Look at this very forum.

The Fabians consist of just on 5000 people, who have formed the Labour party in Britain, and regularly rule Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

635 people pass the laws for the federal government, and another one signs them off.

Oligarchies are the norm.

There will be what there always has been, lots and lots of small city states, controlled by oligarchies of White families, ruling over other Whites who do as they're told.

You don't have to convince me, or the members of the forum of your arguments against Christianity, you have to convince the Whites where you personally live, and then get them to give you power, and money and support.
How's that working out so far?

How many ngo's and statutory organisations have you chaired?
How many years have you chaired a mainstream political branch or constituency?
How many laws have you affected?
How much money do you move around on municipal, county or state budgets?
How many public and organisational meetings do you hold each week?
How many secessionist movements do you support?
How many campaigns do you participate in?
What is your plan for your living area and how are you achieving it?
If you aren't even on the exco of your local ratepayers association, then of what value is all the talk?

Since religious people usually kill those who oppose them, they need to be taken seriously.

One needs to distinguish between traditional churches, which are communities or tribes, and the megachurches, which are businesses.

Traditional churches are usually self sufficient, or trying to be, and see attacks on them as an attack on the tribe.
Megachurches are a power base of often tens of thousands of people, if families are included.

Both put people into power, but traditional churches last for centuries, megachurches die with their founders.

Politically, nobody cares what atheists think, or what people who don't vote think.

They are simply not important politically, and we are involved in a political struggle, over control of governments, legislation, and taxbases.

Christians do have large support, lots of money, massive organisational structures and capacity, and do have political power.

They don't need atheists support, and what they do or don't do decides your future.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.