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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

E. Michael Jones, Degenerate Moderns

Ch. 8: Sigmund and Minna and Carl and Sabina: The Birth of Psychoanalysis Out of the Personal Lives of Its Founders

The Dimmesdale Syndrome [subtitle], 173-189

[this is 8b]

http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/M...es-DM-Ch8b.mp3 (1:41)

- hawthorne, Scarlett Letter, moral realism. misread/evaded by moderns. guilty minister ascends scaffold to confess and gain peace, maybe. there is a moral law, it is universal and absolute. sin leads to guilt leads to need for confession. freud's stuff is a cheap substitute, and factually wrong. discussion of the de-moralizing of aryan jung by freud/gross/spielrein in the movie A Dangerous Method (2011). wilhelm schmidt destroys freud's claimed anthropological basis for Oedipus Complex. he was expert on australia, where freud located the original murder/eating of father. nope! freud was thus refuted from day one. his theory, which he and supporters present as scientific and universal is in fact personal and biographical.