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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Christian Identity is primarily based on the Old Testament I think
The part from the Old is the belief that Eve had two sons, one with Satan and one with Adam. The one via Satan is Satan's seed, father of the Jews, Cain. The one with Adam is the father of the Aryan race.

Problem(s) with that include:
-People did not come into being in that way. The Genesis story that says god created the Earth and all life on it in 6 days is wrong. The earth has experienced five mass extinctions, where almost all life on it died. The atmosphere would not have supported human life.

-The Genesis story does not say Cain is a Jew, this is pure speculation on the part of Whites who made that inference. It is part of the very Jewish Torah, what they claim is God speaking to his people, the Jews, and it is their 'oral' law.
When Jews interpret oral law, that is the written law, or 'Talmud'.

It just doesn't get more Jewish than that.

Further, one needs Christ to be a Christian. He is not in the Old Testament---unless one wants to say Daniel and Isaiah were referring to Jesus in their prophecies, and historians can show that they are not.

From the virgin birth, where the Hebrew word for 'virgin' was not used, but the word 'young woman' was used, and where the timeline of 5-6 years was altered to fit a 700 year gap between that time and the birth of the misuse of the word 'anointed', and so on, we know this is fallacious.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
the New Testament states that evil exists, teaches people the nature of evil, how to recognize evil, and how to fight evil.
Those concepts are available elsewhere, and are indeed borrowed concepts, from elsewhere. 'Do unto others' is a prime example, it's origins are Asian and far pre-date the time Christ is supposed to have lived and said it. Christian apologists often say, "wellll....maybe Jesus studied these concepts and was influenced by them." But that is no way to show he, as savior, developed these simply shows that there is nothing new being asserted by Jesus, and the writers of these texts got their quotes from Confucius and others.

Jews do not believe in Hell, because they don't have the New Testament. They believe in Satan, however, as he is in the Old, he is a fallen angel.

So Satan makes an appearance in both Jewish gobs of goo.

..and our visual for Satan in old religious art is based on 'Baal', a Jew Pagan god, and from whence they really get their 'Satan' ideas. He wears red and looks a bit like Santa Claus.

When I used to believe in the Bible I jokingly referred to Santa Claus as 'Satan Claws'.

I still think Santa is rather creepy--I give mall Santa a wide berth.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
There is however a lot of contradiction in the New Testament, so some creative reading is necessary, but the most interesting parts are the parts that are almost universally ignored by mainstream Christianity.
...They are only interesting if one really wants to be a student of the book, and that includes telling the truth on the origins of the documents, which is key to their understanding.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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