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Emily Henderson

Originally Posted by Scaramantula View Post
Christian Identity is primarily based on the ramblings of retards who smear shit on their walls and get sent to prison for stealing other peoples trash.
Next time I think I will simply steal this quote, he makes the same point about da faif, but funnier n' easier.

As Scaramantula realizes, the weird adoption of a Hebrew faith for Whitey is worthy of not more than one sentence, but the Christ Insanity infected our people and they have an inter-generational attachment to it that is hard to break, as it is emotion based and not logic based.

We need something that is inter-generational for Whites that is TRUE, and good for OUR people, that they can get emotionally attached to, but is logical, real, and helps us to achieve what's really best for the kind of world we want.

I am working on a project re this and it will be worth it IMO.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier