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Maxfield Parrish
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Originally Posted by Craig Cobb View Post
If subhuman evolving nigs from Africa can invade Toronto, Montreal and Nordic nations, why can't Aryan WN's come to Williston for an immediate over a thousand dollars per week clear, anti deadly enemy Maxfield Parrish?
You made a valid point when you say there's nothing stopping nigz from invading Williston and shuckin' and jivin' their way right into a job. Beanerz too. Doesn't mean whites shouldn't try, but there's just no escaping them wherever you go.

Those who plan on going up to Williston shouldn't plan on sleeping in a van or station wagon, though. As the photo below illustrates, Williston is subject to bone-cracking cold even as late as May, when this photo was taken. It was so bad it shut down all oil production in the region, according to the linked article. It's a matter of choice, but no one should go up there with the naive idea that Williston doesn't have polar-like winters.