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Originally Posted by ColdFire
for example the best fish is said to be imported from Scandinavia ,
I like Scandinavian food. especially pasta ones.

Originally Posted by ColdFire
So there we have it . . the NWO always looks for the 'weak points' . . . that and importing masses of other races into the West , thereby wrecking it . . . .
Altruism, empathy - those are Aryan traits.

The NWO Jews preyed on these traits by making up the holocaust lie, blaming slavery on Whitey (Jews owned African slave trade), etc.
So the Jews and Blacks could pose as eternal victims of White racism.

They promote their racist double standards by portraying non-Whites as victims of White racism as I said above, while they demonize Whites in the media and cover up rape and murder of Whites by racist non-Whites.

They took control of the Western media, so they could easily manipulate Whites through their propaganda.

Vile disgusting Jewesses such as Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman, and their degenerate gentile puppets such as Miley Cyrus are the reason why Hitler removed them from power.

Many celebrities are Illuminati puppets to spread filth. including White gentiles.

They will do anything to defame and degrade German people and destroy them.

“We corrupt in order to rule.”
— Italian Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini
They have used subversive tactics such as junk food, pornography (food and sex are our primal instincts. so the sneaky Jews found a way through it), homosexuality, feminism, miscegenation, abortion, degenerate Negro music, etc to corrupt Western nations, especially America.

"Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future."
— Adolf Hitler
They are also responsible for gun control, which is intended to disarm Whites to make them powerless over non-White criminals.

They are currently pushing mass immigration on Western nations to Islamize them.

I hope the NWO is digging their own graves, because people are slowly starting to realize non-Whites' true nature, and that letting millions of them into their countries was a mistake.

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