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Default fuck iraq and fallujah

Originally Posted by Mike in Denver View Post
I agree completely. I feel sorrow for the people of Fallujah. The US murdered so many innocent people, possibly many thousands, possibly tens of thousands. The murders were carried out in revenge for the righteous killing of Blackwater mercenaries carried out by a few street people (I wish I'd been there to cheer them on, and I wish Efrik Prince had been one of the mutalated, chared bodies hanging in the street.

Sorry for the off-topic.

Fuck Fallujah ...I wish they had dropped a tactical nuke on it and killed all those slimey semites hiding in that pile of garbage.

And the next explosion over Tel Aviv ...

What do you think those arabs would do to you and yours if the circumstances were reversed? Do you think muzzies are your friends?

The enemies of your enemies aren't necessarily your friends.

Those ragheads would seek to annihilate you, they deserve nothing less now before they have the fucking opportunity.

In my opinion, of course.

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