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Thank you for an interesting find, Mr. Linder.

Actually, the funny thing is, that the average WN, who is unable to look into primary sources, has at his disposal a wide selection of books on Third Reich Economy written mainly by the jews and the Poles. The books written by jews are often a clever mixture of lies and half-truths, not particularly useful, while those written by Poles give a reasonable first-sight account of how things functioned, yet did not provide a technical outlook of the policies employed and their coordination. Through self study I have been able to recreate with a degree of precision and accuracy, that I hope is quite good, the mechanism of functioning of the German NS economy. Yet obtaining such an outlook for a novice WN is not an easy task: I would suggest reading Dr. Paretto's books and articles for theoretical ideas that were utilized (a torturous reading) and Dr Schacht memoirs for outlook of technical ideas used as an introductory reading. The best way is of cause to consult primary sources some of which are either available or supposed to be available in the German archives, yet a good command of German is required. What I believe is necessary are the new academic studies on the subject; those that exist are few, incomplete and politicized for obvious reasons.

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