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Originally Posted by Sean Gruber View Post
Move on to where? I don't see Billy Roper on the ballot.
So basically, let's vote for the GOP majority in 2018, and vote to re-elect the most Zionist president ever in 2020. Sounds like a plan. . That's beyond delusional; it's retarded. Others who initially supported Trump have all managed to wise up at this point.

Voting for Trump might very well lead us to WW3. The result of which will be millions of Whites dead. This is why you can't elect Zionist mouth-breathers into office, just because they're slightly better on policies at home. We don't have a horse in this 2 party system. None whatsoever. You're claiming we do, when the facts show otherwise. We're fucked regardless of who gets elected president because (((they))) ultimately run the country. Drain the swamp my ass. Your "god emperor" just appointed John Bolton.
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