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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Take the Black vs White IQ gab, I never did any of the research, so I have to trust in the research of others. So the racial IQ gab is ultimately a matter of faith. Of course I can logically deduce that the totality of evidence points towards a 15 point gab, but it's still ultimately a matter of faith.
I have personally observed blacks, including blacks given a paid-for private education, and they on average under-perform. That is statistically prove-able, and is something I have personally observed. Both forms of 'fact' have merit. It is not taken on faith alone.

We also have anthropologists who study people, such as the way Collin Turbull did with the Central African Pygmies, then he studied a group known as the 'Ik'. He reports his observations on behavior, intelligence, etc.

They praised him for the 'Forest People' but condemned him for his study of the extremely stupid and violent 'Ik'.
He used the same methods of gathering and observing data on both groups, but the 'diversity' pushers did not like his findings, and thought he was overly condemning those people.

In other words, the truth is the truth. This man told the truth on his observations--people can dislike it, think it is not 'fair', etc., but at the end of the day, it's either true or false.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
But what if Christianity, despite being mostly a bunch of bullshit, increases the well-being and success of a nation? There's a good argument to be made that Christianity saved Europe from an Islamic take-over.

What if Christian Identity will save us while Atheist Identity will not? Nobody here is intelligent enough to know the answer to that because of the complexity of the matter. If Christianity can save us, it would in fact be insanity to reject it.
You are free to embrace a lie, believing it to be a wonderful and sane thing to do.

I'm not going to do it, period. If people need to be lied to, they aren't perhaps worth saving, nor do they really seek the truth.

Not only is it a lie---and we can get into the Bible in detail if you'd like---it is not what gave White Westerners all that is good about White Westerners---their innate nature did.

That is observable. Plenty Whites have killed each other over Christ Insanity.
It being an avenue for pushing back Islam would not make it 'good'---that's like saying, 'I have Leukemia, and it is far more survivable than AIDS, therefore Leukemia is good for me.'

Atheism would keep Islam out every bit--and more so--than Xtianity.

If we'd followed the Greek line of thinking all they way back to the first 'Atheos' think of how far we'd have come, and how many White lives would've been spared.

But the bottom line to me is: nothing good comes from a lie, as 'afterschool special' as that sounds it usually is the truth.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Our political reality is too complicated for most people to fully contemplate, which is part of the reason why the mass media is so successful. When Linder concludes that finding a compromise with the Jews has a 0% success rate he might be correct and rational, but I'd have to engage in several years of research to see if he's rational or not.

We rely on others to form most of our complex viewpoints, but I agree you can judge a person by seeing whether they are rational by seeing whether they have rational viewpoints on the simple things, and do not show absolute certainty when it comes to matters that cannot be fully known.

We let the equivalent of Pizza Delivery men run our government however, they are very well spoken Pizza Delivery men of course, but I'd hate to see how they would perform in a real job.
We do indeed. And to compare govt. leadership and delivery with pizza--we get the pizza cold every time, pay twice what it's worth, and it's not the one we ordered.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Over estimating one's own capabilities, which would include sanity, is something Negroes excel at, if we can believe the available research. A cornerstone of intellectualism is being open to the possibility of being wrong, or too stupid to fully grasp a concept.

Sure, but not the possibility of being wrong to the point where you 'take on faith' that which others want you to believe, just to make your own life easier. That is simply cowardly.

As I've said in other posts: if people are truly trustworthy, good, or intelligent, they don't mind the questioning of things. Your lack of acceptance of a religion wouldn't matter to them if they really, truly believe in it themselves. They wouldn't mind the questions, the in-depth study, and the expectation that they prove up their claims.

They mind because they do not want to prove up their claims.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
A cult is always based on some form of totalitarianism, which is something I readily oppose. Christianity opposes it as well, which I believe to be one of its many strengths that is not fully grasped by most atheists.
You clearly don't understand something: It wouldn't matter to Atheists if Xtians were totalitarians or not.

Jesus is not god, and if you believe the result of applying Bayes Theroem to the life of Christ, then you are a 'mythicist' like myself--a believer that Jesus did not live as a historical figure. Like Ned Ludd.

If the religion is false, that is all that matters to one who is 'without gods' (Atheos).

The Jesus cult was a small group of Essene Jews, and they readily wrote of Jesus in the 'we never knew him' vernacular in all early church manuscripts.
That changed when the forged documents came into play, and verbiage was altered.

That has been proven by historians, and even Christian apologists readily acknowledge this.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
We of course need a certain pragmatism, we should get as close to the truth as possible and base our actions on that.
Yes--and only that. Those who don't want truth are free to live however they please--you do them no favors playing up to their lies, should you decide they are such.

People often like lies that make them comfortable. Fat people want to hear 'no, you're not fat'.
But are you helping them to tell them this? No. If they want to eat a whole box of doughnuts they are free to do so, but if they ask you to tell them it's okay, you are not obligated to lie to 'em just because they are uncomfortable.

Like it is with Church---it is separate from State for a good reason. People can privately go to any church they please and get their dishonesty on. But when they want you to tell them it's right, and further want to mix it into the lives of other free people, that's where there is a problem.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Their view on race is vague though, which makes their loyalty vague. One droppers are a prominent example, Out of Africa denialism, and so the list goes on.
There is no such thing as 'out of Africa denialism', there is only Science.

Fact is: we have now found older than Lucy links to humans, and they were found in Europe.

Those that want to hang on to 'Lucy' for dear life and ignore new discoveries are the ones who show they are worried on the new findings. They want and need Africans to be the 'mothers' of human life, otherwise we'd further realize our separateness on the tree of life, and our specialness.

I personally think it's self-evident.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Obviously some blacks are superior to some whites. WN Insanity however states that all Whites are superior to all Blacks. So WN has its communist leanings as well.
That last bit was several schools of thought that don't quite fit together.

-Communism teaches that all people are to be treated the same, right down to no class distinction between people within the same race, let alone other races.

-The only blacks super high on the totem pole of IQ are almost exclusively highly mixed with Euro DNA, superior blacks are rare indeed.

-WN is not insane. You don't seem to realize that a truth that is generally true can have some 'outliers' that don't fit, but the basic truth is the basic truth.

In general, Whites do not tear up entire cities in the USA, but Blacks do. Blacks rape the elderly at alarming rates. Blacks have IQ on average lower than any other group, Sub Saharans are at around 80.

Those are just observable facts, and we also can see that geese take care of their fellow geese, and lemur monkeys do the same, and ducks at the park don't mate with peacocks. We are biologically linked to our own 'family', whether it's perfect or not is not the issue.

We should try to be as good as we can. Xtianity is not good because it is not true. It is not good for many more reasons than that, but that is the starter point for looking for what is good: look for what is true.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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