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How desperate are the pro-genocide kikes in getting find a pseudo-scientist to promote their anti-evolution dogma?

Franz Boas - Columbia University
Richard Lewontin - Harvard University
Steven Gould - Harvard University
Jared Diamond - University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Sussman - Washington University of St. Louis

Sussman is of so little significance he does not even have a wiki page.

It seems is most significant achievement seems to have been appointed editor in-chief of American Anthropologist by the jew overlords where he functioned as censor of scientific researched that interfered with the Cultural Marxist jew agenda.

Robert Sussman, an evolutionary anthropologist and the editor in-chief of American Anthropologist, explained why the journal did not accept ads for Rushton's 1998 book:

This is an insidious attempt to legitimize Rushton's racist propaganda and is tantamount to publishing ads for white supremacy and the neo-Nazi party. If you have any question about the validity of the "science" of Rushton's trash you should read any one of his articles and the many rebuttals by ashamed scientists.
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