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[story behind Free American, whose publisher is a motorcycle guy and ex-patriotard who woke up to the jew]



Publisher Clay Douglas tells why he made this decision.

This is about the fourth rewrite of this column. What I wanted to do was explain how and why I have been unable to get back into the swing of things and get the Free American roaring again as I have in the past. But after reading my own account of the trouble I have had, I was going over 2 pages and had not even got to the announcements I needed to make concerning the Free American Magazine and website. And looking over it I decided what I had written was a “poor me, look what a loser I am, suicide note.” Or “Just another paranoid guy crying, “the government is out to get me!” While the thought of suicide has crossed my mind far too often in the last four years, I cannot do that because that means “They” whoever they are, would win.

So allow me to condense the last four years into one paragraph. I was hit while on my Harley. Spent 3 months drugged into unconscious, woke up to learn I had lost everything including my wife of 24 years and the magazine I had been publishing for 10. I put out a call for donations or investments and got in over 1 million dollars but it was all in forged checks. A new slander campaign forced me to close my motorcycle magazine in Phoenix. People who wanted to help were shot or jailed, evidently by people with the ability to tap my phones. An attempt was even made on my friend Ted Gunderson, former FBI Director of LA Branch. Money sent to me by Western Union was not delivered because I was suddenly on a “Government Watch List”. I lost four computers and all of my weapons, gold and silver in 2 break ins. Three computers and one truck were fried without any apparent cause. Either I have a bad luck streak that is a record setter or someone somewhere really hates me and what I do. Many of my contemporaries fared worse. Bill Cooper was killed outside his home by local cops who set him up. Casey Nethercott was shot coming out of Safeway with my breakfast. Mark Koernke did time in Prison for a bank robbery he had nothing to do with. Patriots All!

Between the rising cost of gas, printing and mailing and working alone, I was not able to do the layout, write the stories, run credit cards, keep the website updated, find a publisher for my novels, do my radio show every week day and sell enough advertising to be able to publish every month as I had for ten previous years. But the bills came in every month.

I was forced to sell my property in Bingham and managed to get out a few more powerful issues of the Free American but the candidates I supported for President, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, were never allowed to reach the American people with their sound policies. And I was never allowed to be in close contact with the candidates by their staffs to allow us to work closely together as I did when Charles Collins was a Presidential Candidate. Thus, the Republican Party and the Media did the same things to these candidates. Ignored them!

The pressure and the problems and the loneliness took its toll on my productivity. Each night I fell asleep staring at the one pistol I had left and wondering who I was doing this for and why I was doing it. Two little dogs and a picture of my Granddaughter keep me from taking an irreversible course.

I am sitting here reading what I wrote in the very first issue of the Free American in 1994. I said, “Whether you believe in conspiracies or not, the crisis’s we are facing is very real. Our government is taking our money and using it to prop itself up. It is borrowing today for luxuries like foreign aid when it already owes more than it can ever repay. It is opening our doors to immigrants when we cannot even feed our own poor, or provide housing for the homeless Americans. It is raising the price of doing business until our businessmen, farmers and ranchers can no longer cover their overhead. It hypnotizes you with pretty pictures on TV while it picks your pocket. You are being taught to fear your neighbors when you should be joining hands with them. Your ability and your will to protect yourself are being undermined to force you to accept the protection of a police state.”

Those words I wrote so many years ago were true then and they are true now! They have been backed up and confirmed in over one hundred plus issues that I have gotten out to an American public. They sounded radical and alarmist then, but the events today and in between have confirmed my words as prophetic, over and over again.

I made the decision to close down Thunder Riders because I felt that with the way current events were going, the American public needed a clear insight into the plan for one world government and what it meant to all Americans. The money power of the bankers made it possible for them to buy all of the Television stations and control most of the new outlets. That gives them almost unlimited control over what we know and what we think. It was called psychopolitics in the Soviet Union and it is being used on us now.

Our only defense is an informed enlightened populous. The Free American was read consistently by such men as Gen. Benjamin Partin and Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and helped shape the freedom movement that Ron Paul has put together. An MJTF officer made the statement after reading the Free American is that the only problem with the Free American is that I was not printing a million copies.

Printing ten thousand copies without advertising to back it up was difficult and almost broke me. I have never had much outside advertising in this magazine but I supported it with ten thousand loyal subscribers, listeners over the shortwave. After the accident much of that support went away.

I have allowed myself to become isolated. I moved back to Bingham but the lack of available help and resources made it problematic to remain there. I sold the home I had raised my sons in to be able to continue the Free American but the help and support I believed would materialize didn’t.

My subscribers did not come back in mass after over a year of non-publishing. Some died, some like John Trochmann, gave up the fight and tried to put together a normal life outside the spotlights. Many became frightened by the ongoing suppression of “tax Protester. Militia men, “Vigilantes” like the Minutemen. They were afraid to get their names on the “Lists”. They wanted to stay “below the radar”. Few in the Patriot Movement stepped up to the plate for me as they considered me competition. Too many talk show hosts try to frighten you. I want to make you stronger and fearless.

Whether it is fear or envy matters little. Whether my troubles stem from the government or private agencies like the ADL or AIPAC or just individuals with a grudge, matters even less. “In the beginning a Patriot is a scarce man!” Remember, it has NEVER been easy to be FREE!

By focusing my efforts on the website, and opening up your paid exposure to film and audio feeds carefully reviewed by me as all of my articles in the past have been, I think the Free American will become even more powerful and influence more men like Ron Paul who was a subscriber for years before running for President. I hope that I played a part in creating his love for Liberty and Freedom.

The attempts to demonize me by calling me Anti-Semitic and a racist is becoming less and less effective because of my willingness to allow Zionist supporting Jews on my radio show. My guests also include highly intelligent black men and all other races in my pages and on my show.

While I agree with some of the statements made by people in the Aryan Nations and KKK I have had on my show as far as the bias against white men, I have told them that every time they slander blacks, Chinese or Mexicans, they are shooting themselves in the foot. We are all Americans and should be working together with our own people to oppose the slavery trying to be foisted on us by the NWO Globalists. Diversity is not the answer, Unity is. The one phrase the Aryan Nations use that I agree with is, “Be proud of your race.” I would add to that, Be Proud of OUR country.

If you want to help please make a donation or subscribe to the New Internet Phenomena called the Free American. If nothing else, remember George Carlin’s words, “They do not want an informed, intelligent people.” While I supported Charles Collins, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, they did nothing to support me. In the end they were just politicians, better than most but incapable of making a change in a system rigged for the benefit of the elite. My publication, my words, my research can and have made a difference. I look at answers as well as problems. I speak for the common man, and as Brother Dave Gardner said, “God must have loved the common man ‘cause he made so many of them!

We have more power to change things than Obama. The Free American is about Americans helping Americans. We can choose NOT to be slaves if we all stand up together. Put behind you the loyalty to either party and become Free Americans.

So subscribe and donate to me, if for no other reason, after all of their failed attempts to kill, demonize and sideline me, it will just piss them off!

To help you make a decision that will determine if I can continue to do this see the next issue of the Free American. If I get some support it will not be the last edition. It has 300 years of factual history to help you understand what the bailouts, the elections and the planned new world order is going to be like if people like me are sidelined or ignored. Go to: for a free peek at this issue.

Clayton R. Douglas