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Ted Ferguson
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Re-reading this it occurred to me that the reason why any expression of white identity violates the mud people's claim of being "victims" of the white race. As white people, we are required to agree to the idea that we are oppressors and they are victims and so to claim any kind of "pride" in being white is the moral equivalent of being proud to be a murderer, rapist, etc...

When all non-white races have "victim" as a fundamental component of their identity, any expression of white identity celebrates being their oppressor.

We need to stop allowing the retarded to control the narrative, both on forums like this one (AND Stormfront), and in the larger political realm. And purge them from our midst. We need to challenge the retarded when they make their retarded and extravagant claims, and respond with statements like "Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to your retarded, animal race."