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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
One problem with your slogan is that Jews are exterminating themselves as well. Over 50% of Jewish marriages in the US are inter-racial. Israel itself has a large Muslim population that makes up 20% of the population and is out-breeding the Jews, and like Western countries they're dealing with the legal and illegal immigration of Africans.

Based on those statistics I don't think most Jews are aware of the plan, their behavior more so suggests insanity. So how about:

(((They))) are completely insane, and going (((bonkers))) is our response.

We might have the advantage though if we stay cold and rational.
Not true. Orthodox jews breed hugely, and over time they form a larger percentage of the jew population, see various towns around N.J. and within Israel itself.

Also, reports of jews dying out from exogamy are exaggerated and false. All these bred-out jews return to the fold when the pressure is on, or there are benefits to obtain.

Jews in the US barely got here when they were demanding the US Census NOT count them. So their true numbers aren't even known.