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Originally Posted by Rounder View Post
We're bound to get lots of invitations to do interviews both TV and newspapers once TAA-4 hits the streets and the kikes and koons start bitching. Maybe even a few radio talk show invites like before.

SURELY, we don't want the same old redneck with the Gomer Pyle drawl doing them all this time around, do we ??

Sooooo.....who'll volunteer ??? I mean where's all those "valuable intellectual properties" when we need them ?? Eh ??

The above request is a serious one. We need a spokesman to do media interviews - TV, newspaper, and radio. When reporters phone me I can refer them to whoever volunteers for the job and is approved by Alex. So step up yo formerly computer-stooled, paralyzed ass to the plate and volunteer. You can spread your jew-wise beliefs to literally millions of people free of charge via Hymie's TV stations and radio talk shows, etc. How the hell can you refuse and still call yourself a committed, dedicated, brave WN who fears not the GD kikes ??

So, whatchasay ??
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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