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Default Churchill's War, by David Irving

I've been reading Irving's Churchill's War, and admire his research and portrait of Churchill. I'm on volume two, Triumph in Adversity, and Irving is informative, also clever, and for books that are hundreds of pages long, they aren't tiring.

I met Irving a few years ago, buying a copy of Hitler's War from him, and he's like his books.

Churchill was actually a real bumbler, and when he had an idea of attack, it always went wrong. Most people around couldn't stand him, but Irving shows Churchill's big gift was his oratory, and he won people over, and in fact has determined how we interpret WWII.

Irving also shows how Jews had a major influence on Churchill in the 30's, funding him, and how they kept demanding he create Israel...something the British leadership didn't want to do. Also, Irving demonstrates that Churchill's strident call for war in effect destroyed the British empire.

I like Roosevelt's depiction as well; an ally, but the Americans are showed ready to squeeze Britain and they were ready to impose their new world order on the world, which Churchill helped to create. FDR always saw the future dominated by Russia, China, and the US.

I'm hoping volume three is done or will be out. Just a good read.