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Smile Color theory

There was a certain interest in a post of mine in the 'state glorified in media'-thread ( https://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?...19#post2269519 ) ( a certain member PM'd me asking about color theory . .)

Hmm …

. . . as I have already said in said post often colors occuring in nature can have two opposite meanings ,as strange as that may come across.

It more or less depends on if it's a 'light' or 'dark' tone.
Polar opposites. .
I've already mentioned green in said post.

Let's look at some others..

The color red . . .
Red ,occuring in nature , can have two meanings . . . either it wants to lure or it wants to warn.

Red is a very passionate color . .
Hmmmm . . why do I have to think of communism right now . . .?

Red was always the color associated with Communism.

Actually in this case it could mean both.

Lure in the workers ;history though warns of communism.


Furthermore . . Red berries are poisonous , roses,which are also red are deemed the 'most beautiful flowers'

- - -

The color white.

The color white is said to be associated with purity.

White = Absence of tone.

The Knights during the Middle Ages were clothed in extraordinary white . . .

Knights were supposed to be 'pure of blood'.

In fact the legend of the 'holy grail' claims 'only the purest of all knights could find the holy grail' ( the 'Holy Grail' is supposed to be a grail which contained the blood of Jesus which was absorbed during his crucifixation . . .)
The color black.
Black is deemed to be an 'ultimate', the darkest color , the darkest tone.
I suppose that's also why early fascists clothed themselves in black, since fascism meant 'the ultimate state' , a total fate-community.

- - - -

Just some thoughts on the matter.

I invite the member who PMed me to join the discussion.

Color theory sure is a fascinating subject.