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Originally Posted by andy View Post
They do indeed and its the legend that their probation officers suggest they do the same for bantu in criminal cases suggesting they claim they were hooked on crack and needed the money to fuel their addiction.As above I'm sure that the FBI who invested a lot of time and money on this sting must have been pissed off.No doubt at higher levels the Brits assured them that they would use the information to blackmail the miscreants and they probably do.Just the sacking of the police involved should have unfolded a scandal as big as the catholic churches nonces.The soham bugger was up on charges and coerced a female officer to perjure herself for him.I was in the US at the time and looking forward to mass arrests etc.The Republic of Ireland had 1200 miscreants and so far as I can tell no one was even nicked.

It was an open secret in the US porn industry that in FBI parlance the website "just doesn't look right".That's another issue (albeit side) other porn sites would not exchange links with the site due its explicit nature and free content.
Just looking at wiki for operation ore for the UK shows this data:
7,250 suspects identified,
4,283 homes searched,
3,744 arrests,
1,848 charged,
1,451 convictions,
493 cautioned
140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations
and an estimated 33 suicides

Right there you have 7,250 suspects now the point about this before the era of the fixed user Ip Number is that the only way the FBI could pass on suspects details is if they had used plastic to subscribe.As above there was no innocuous content on the site.There was no "normal" porn even on the home page.It was a caricature of a nonces site it had to be to use in court cases in the US.There could be no question of doubt or grey areas it had to be explicit and obvious.A porn industry veteran commented at the time that if that was the future of porn he was out of it.
To return,so you are looking at 7,250 minimum subscribers i say minimum as it looks like the FBI rounded up the number.Now so far as I know many nonces have been convicted on what is on their hard drive as an absolute minimum there is a missing 2,673 from the hiomes searched Vs names on the subscribers list.
If one just took this one incident one has set in stone evidence that this government and previous governments do not give a fuck about the indigenous population.One only has to consider that at that time the police forces across Britain would have been getting and failing to act on complaints about asian groomers.No doubt a big factor in their failure to take action would have been the inside knowledge that ORE was a half hearted operation and many deals struck with miscreants.Societies become decadent from the top down.Perhaps with many thousands of influential nonces being given a pass maybe the police thought well whats a few paki nonces.
Well, you've got half of the FOI written there! I would love to know also:

How much this investigation cost.

How many got off due to claiming entrapment (or whatever the American legal term for being set up is).

How many deals were struck and the broad nature.

How many were officials and/or high profile.

How many went on to re-offend or stay as persons of interest.

All we need now is a friendly American to do the business for us. I wonder if dear Mr Radl would be interested.....