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Originally Posted by Bev View Post
Well, you've got half of the FOI written there! I would love to know also:

How much this investigation cost.

How many got off due to claiming entrapment (or whatever the American legal term for being set up is).

How many deals were struck and the broad nature.

How many were officials and/or high profile.

How many went on to re-offend or stay as persons of interest.

All we need now is a friendly American to do the business for us. I wonder if dear Mr Radl would be interested.....
As an absolute minimum are they on the nonce list of sex offenders ? What I know is that at that time circa 1999 customers from the UK making purchases with debit cards invariably had triple A credit ratings indicating six figure incomes.On top of that the majority of purchases were american express charge cards indicating corporate or six figure incomes.For example all of the police caught used force issued amex cards.What I want to know is what happened to the FBI team and are they still trawling the internet and when are they lifting the nonce akins ?
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