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More sick f***ers on a cover-up.

Here now is a summary of what the prior research and the new evidence have revealed.

1. The evidence was tampered with or contaminated
2. The CLICK HERE CHILD PORN banner did not exist as it was alleged
3. Evidence of credit card fraud was deliberately concealed. Prejudicial evidence of this nature must be disclosed by law.
4. We can tell whose credit card was used for what and for most it seems for now it was for legal web sites.
5. Landslide was hacked.
6. Rogue webmasters bumped people to illegally named sites placing images on their hard drives.
7. Other rogue webmasters signed up people for multiple illegal sites.
8. The police and certain individuals in government ignored the obvious fraud and went ahead with the travesty.
9. Certain individuals and organizations gained much from Landslide/Ore.
10. There were high profile ‘protected persons’ whose credit card details were revealed but who were not proceeded against. These also could have been victims of fraud, but the authorities had declared that there was no evidence of fraud.
11. Senior police officers and others deceived the public, the media and Parliament.
12.The police wilfully incriminated and targeted innocent people, some of whom are now dead.

Who is now affected?

The new evidence suggests that there is now:
A. information that clears whole categories;
B. specific information that clears individuals - viz, sites their credit card were associated with;
C. evidence of major importance that simply discredits the whole of Operation Ore.

The possibilities.

1. That a huge enterprise with vast potential for empowering the police and certain related organizations, called Operation Ore, could be set in motion.
2. That government and certain media could be asked to support it, the latter mainly because it had mass appeal.
3. That the success of Ore and its accompanying fanfare could lead to the creation of a new much more powerful FBI-type organization in the UK, perhaps even with high profile Ore police at the top. Other organizations such as child exploitation prevention would also be possible.
4. That when and if news of defects in Ore began to emerge, certain media outlets could be depended upon not to support the individuals revealing them.
5. That the police-operated Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) could truly police and control citizens through control of the Internet and share this highly desired position with other Internet watchdogs around the world. The chairman of SOCA is Sir Stephen Lander, who is a director of Streamshield Networks Limited, sponsors of commercial partner the IWF and director of Northgate Information Solutions, supplier of false statistics to the Home Office.
6. That Landslide/Ore could lead to the banning of ‘extreme porn’ and eventually pornography itself. Not so much one must add in the interests of morality but in the vast increase such a move could give to police powers over citizens.

I find it very, very unlikely that so many people had their credit card details stolen. You'd notice strange transactions appearing on your account and query them.

Found these whilst trying to find the sort of FOI statistics we were discussing. Couldn't find any as yet but there's a lot of crap to wade through.