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Sure OK Campell I wonder how many of the miscreants are mates of his of course i said how according to Campell Townsend is innocent odd then that townsend despite having access to best lawyers money can buy and the wherewithal to sue them to death he did not.Every single one of the police officers resigned on request 100% they have a union that will crucify a force that as much as breaths on one of their members.
Campell is being disingenuous sure there was no click here for child porn banner what there was,was far,far worse.The candyland home page was split vertical on the left was a picture of a girl about four on the right a boy aged about four both pictures had an "enter" banner below each.At the top straddling both pictures was a large banner with the legend "Whats your poison".As above when clicked the free content available exceeded anything else available in the industry.Webmasters offered the chance of linking contacted the principles believing that the candyland webmaster had mistakenly sent access for the premium area of the website.

As above it was an open secret among porn veterans that something was remiss.Billing was texas but the then primitive IP tracing showed up as florida.Webmasters in north east America and California were up in arms as this sort of obvious illegal porn was a threat to them.In fact if it had been anywhere than Texas some wiseguy retribution would have been happening.In one case all correspondence electronic and otherwise was being routed straight to the legal advisers as from the veterans point of view this was an opening gambit by the feds to shut them down.Another example was a porn site I know of immediately raised the age of any models/actresses to 25 and older causing a street riot in freezing snow as the sacked actresses trashed the reception area of the studios.
Now for Campell to come along with his supposed forensic investigation and heart string tugging tales from miscreants relations I have to ask myself did I imagine all this ?
The bottom line is regardless of soca's willingness to exploit it for their own benefit and empire building the fact is they were given it all on a plate by the FBI.The main point being is that in the US proxy payment process companies would not be enough.In most US states Texas included plea bargains are common they needed hard evidence and got it on the basis that you virtually paid after you viewed and accepted the all important download.
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