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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I don't blame them for ebola as for Q-RID, it's above their pay grade. In this case, the blame lies entirely at the feet of the jews who took down borders across the white west. And all those white sellouts who helped them, typically whiteskin christians driven by religious delusions.
Well, it's the nig retards who continue to eat & screw the primates & bats that are the likely origin for these deadly epidemics. Still, you're right that they're mere beasts of the field, and that it's the Eternal Kike and itz fucking suicidally idiotic Christer tools who will be responsible for the spread.

Again: the entire continent needs to be quarantined; all white-skinned JEE-sus jerks who feel "called by the Lord" to sacrifice themselves for 'Freaka's talking monkeys should be made aware that it will be a one-way trip.

If the "super-elite" really is planning a massive depopulation, let it be there.
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