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G.Misiakas: "And to seize power nothing ends. Struggle until final victory "
Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 12:40

Interview with member of the Central Committee to rival George Misiaka elnewsgr.blogspot.gr The idea is to achieve the objective: The objective is to win the war and not just a few battles

GOLDEN DAWN is the link between theory and practice. Retrieved from the depths of the soul of the Greeks located dormant national consciousness

Ideology without policy action is sterile fetishism. Politics without ideology is cheap opportunism

The black jerseys illustrate that we like each other, Civil Defense Soldiers in an Immortal Idea. Whoever can see through the black color will distinguish the Securities of the Golden Dawn

We say "Nazis," "fascists," "racists" because they can not tell us thieves, cheats, mizadorous, lamogia.

Our accusers will soon collapse under their own impasse immorality and incompetence

- Which is why I think the Ideology of the Golden Dawn is the only one that promotes national consciousness?

That's because the Golden Dawn is the most consistent and stable expression of the modern Greek nationalism. Giving her credentials, through the example of everyday thought and action, the Golden Dawn is the link between theory and practice. Thereby promoted the National Ideal as a key element of the existence of the Greeks and therefore retrieved from the depths of the soul situated dormant national consciousness, which forge even more.

-Do you think that the world now has the composure that will enable him to understand the ideology of the Golden Dawn, as currently formulated?

Rightly or wrongly, our ideology is presented by every kind of the mainstream media completely distorted, with the obvious purpose to affect the Greek people about the true content of what embrace. Therefore, one of the highlights of our ideological and political propaganda is to break this conspiracy of misinformation and smear against us, presenting, with whatever means we have the reality to the people. Both the election result of May and June, and the rapid growth occurring after the election, an indication that more and more Greeks, free from haze of the past, interested, know, identify with the Golden Dawn, with what it expresses.

-What would you change if you were making governance and especially if you, for example, commits the Department of Education?

Everything! To build, you must first be demolished. The current metapoliteftiko rotten regime can be likened to a crumbling building. Rebels We are not reformers. So we will seek a radical change in all key sectors with a view to gradually building a nation state. About the Ministry of Education, we believe that nurturing the youth should focus on a clearly ethnocentric orientation. Indeed, the textbooks should be changed. This, however, should be made to the completely opposite direction than that demanded by various anti-Greek and ethnomidenistes type Repoussi, Dragona, Koulouris, Fragoudaki, Veremi and their political bosses. Today's vile and disgusting books that promote the most brazenly profane denationalisation must literally be thrown in the trash, which form the natural site and replaced by others, which will cultivate patriotism, honor, dignity, religious feelings, knowledge of the historical truth.

Finally-the fact is that anyone who has the worker has the people, and whoever has the people, is the state. It seems that the battle with the Communist Party is in favor of the Golden Dawn for supremacy in consciousness of the labor movement. What are your differences with the Communist Party?

First, the Communist Party has never had Greek Workers with him. It can be seen (wrongly, very poor fashion) as party of the Greek working class, but never actually was, even at minimum. Especially the last time do not keep up appearances, coincident consciously Pakistani, Afghan, and other bagklantesianous them illegal immigrants, against Greek workers and the unemployed. As to our differences with the Communist Party, we might wonder if there are similarities. We are Nationalists, while those internationalists. We believe that the homeland can not proletarians (impoverished) and the Communist Party believes that the proles have no country. We believe in a National-Popular State Socialism a Higher Culture, Hierarchical, meritocracy, Patriotic content, while the Bolsheviks in a devastating, inhuman and anti-national of a misnomer. We are revolutionaries, while they gear system, forming the left of alibi. Therefore, our paths do not ever encountered anywhere.

Must-one is going to "hidden" ways to achieve this great purpose? Ie to keep a defensive stance until the moment of victory?

When we write or shout "Long live the VICTORY!" Do not mechanically or by habit or cheap sensationalism. We do so because we intend to win! This means that "the end justifies the means' in order to achieve our goal. Neither compromised or pseftoepanastates. Neither politikantismos or fetishism of symbols. The idea is to reach the target and not the crappy sure a dubious, if not unreliable and mentally sick, "purists". Let us not forget that it is important to win the war, not one or a few battles. Politics, rightly or wrongly, is a marathon and not a short 100 meter race.

-The Greek Nationalism can be compared with the nationalism of other countries? Because we History and Culture of a lead?

The Greek Nationalism entirely and exclusively to the Greek Nationalists. They can study, discuss, agree or disagree on individual points around the nationalism of other countries in any way but can not identify with them, whether in the past or in this regard. Greece, anyway, is what is most precious to world history and culture, so it is obvious that there is no benchmark for what we have done to humanity, even in the field of nationalism. Even the fact that the Golden Dawn is now a standard of conduct and racing action for all almost the nationalist forces in the whole white world, does not mean in any way that we need to copy us, or that we are an export product, but the strength, the courage, the inspiration to continue their struggle in their own countries.

- Not so day not blame Golden Dawn by parliament and the media that her real ideology is strongly related to Nazism and fascism. You can hit the Movement to such arguments?

The "categories" of all kinds opponents, besides not the product of thorough study and temper of contemporary political and social reality and therefore are monotonous and tedious graphs have a particular structure: focus on supposedly political arguments and characterizations like " Nazis, "" fascists, "" racists "because we can not criticize anything, from a moral standpoint. D that can tell us thieves, cheats, mizadorous, lamogia. Therefore, over time, our accusers will collapse under their own impasse immorality, as well as the subsequent inability to offer solutions to the enormous problems which they themselves have created. So it is impossible to cause us serious problems both to intercept us.

- We see our church is divided into two camps, in terms of the Movement of the Golden Dawn. Some priests believe that the Golden Dawn has nothing to do with Orthodoxy and simply has unveiled a "trick" to a better election result. What do you answer on this?

Some priests have nothing to do with Orthodoxy as a key component of the course of the Greek Nation. Rasoforoi who are offended by the patriotic action of the GOLDEN DAWN epanellinopoiisi for the location, but corked for anti-national and anti-Christian propaganda of the left, not only disgracing the vestments they wear and their shape, but also priests of the past such Papaflessas , Samuel, German Karavangelis the Emilianos Grevena Chrysostom Izmir, etc. (If) priests who say they prefer atheists from Chrysafgites is simply ridiculous and ecumenical, shaming the national status of Orthodoxy. Personally my cause disgust, nausea and aversion. I do not care which atoms the deadlock by employing the unacceptable actions. hence there is no excuse for what they commit.

-Many argue that Greece is living a new Weimar base ... Has this or is this another game system?

We can not know where it will end. But we can act to increase the chances to lead to where we want. As for the Weimar-dense often come out and worried that our critics, perhaps more to know, and judging from the ending, which had this pale imitation of "German" democracy ...

-What do the black tops of the Golden Dawn and what you need to know what you choose to wear?

The black jerseys illustrate that we like each other, Civil Defense Soldiers in an Immortal Idea. Whoever can see through the black color will distinguish the values ​​for which we strive We Chrysafgites, Men and Women. Nation, Race, Price, Faith, Duty, War Virtue, Social Solidarity among consanguineous, Pride, Cultural Renaissance. Symbolize also an internal discipline and a respect towards Metaphysical dead comrades in our timeline, all who fought for the glory of Hellenism throughout the centuries. Impels us to create, through our struggles, a Greece which really belongs to the Greeks by genus. We fight for the Generations of Tomorrow.

-When you consider that the Golden Dawn will arrive at Nike?

Nikos Kazantzakis said: "Do not condescend to ask:" will win? Defeated? "Fight!" To get to the final victory prevails Race. Even to seize power, nothing is finished. A new series of games we expect to beat them too. Since then, keeping some goods are much more difficult than acquiring them, so we are not complacent and ever. We are not interested in a piece of pie, or even the whole pie. We want the whole bakery that produces it! Ie, we are not simply interested to remain in parliament or to govern transient, embedded in the system of corruption, decay and decadence. These let in Liguria power, type SYRIZA, the bottomless sick psyche and inferiority complexed applicable to them. We, the People Will overwhelming for us, we want to consolidate the power to be able to develop without setbacks, the ideological and political platform for the establishment of a truly Greek government, where the National Independence, Social Justice and Democratic Prosperity not will be grandiose expressions without substantive content, but a triumphant reality a GOLDEN DAWN Hellenism!

-What is your ideological message you want to give to those who already have a position in the movement but also to those who will follow in the future?

Political ideology without practice is sterile fetishism. Politics without ideology is cheap opportunism. For us, therefore, the nationalism of GOLDEN DAWN, the CHRYSAFGITISMOS, an attitude and lifestyle. This, however, must be permanent and not temporary. This applies to everyone, inside and outside "the walls" yesterday, today, tomorrow, always! Respect the assessment, the admiration of all kinds "decorations" Nationalism is not obtained "off" and do not apply in perpetuity. Such positive qualities, "decorations", each day or the honors or messy, depending on the quality of content operations. Nobody, no matter what to do, somewhere and sometime, not to rest on laurels of a distant or near past. Nobody can constantly traveling with an expired ticket, based on memories of past years or months. History teaches us that one can easily become the opposite of what is supposed to espouse. This time, this great, Omniscient and Infallible Judge of all things true and deifies exposing their phony. And because, as he says, and the popular adage "the sterna commemorating the first", so to everyone who says nationalist-much more, no, Chrysafgitis-the fullness of time that we are or will amply justify or humiliate him perfectly. GOLDEN DAWN FOR A NEW WAY OF LIFE! LONG LIVE THE VICTORY!

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