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This has become very muddled. The regulating agencies and so on are private agencies funded by a Government who creates debt. What we have today ins an oligarchy of money, not a government of the majority, not representation for what is best for people, not even a government, and even the money is becoming worthless. Until the economic system changes, nothing changes. We already lack “government.” As lack of border regulation confirms. A good place to start would be to actually define Government and Socialism.

Socialism applies to every society everywhere at all times, it simply is the method in which people allocate their resources. That the methods are different here and there is irrelevant it is socialism, it is still a form of Socialism. The duty of the “government” of the people first is protection, and this protection includes the protection of the citizenry against financial exploitation for which the American government has failed miserably. This form of so called “democratic” government can go away, but that people would not naturally organize into another form of socialism, allocating resources, with persons expected to protect and defend them – a form of “government” just goes against natural way people organize themselves..