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Slovakian-Hungarian demonstration for the peace of nations
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Hungary’s far-right backed by ‘rolling Moscow roubles’
Don't know if there is any truth to this but it would be an interesting and positive development.
Hungary’s far-right backed by ‘rolling Moscow roubles’
On Stromfront while I was moderating the Hungarian Forum I have seen Serbs, Romanians and Slovenians rushing there constantly and insulting Hungarians just like you are doing it here by posting retarded messages about Hungary.

Serbians were running a large, imaginary country called “Yugoslavia” under the protective umbrella of the Red Army. As soon as Russia pulled back from the area Serbs were repeatedly humiliated by Croatians, Slovenians, Albanians, Bosnians and everybody else who cared to pick up a rifle in the area.

Serbia is still hanging on to a part of Hungary where they are presently busy with the destruction of the last 50,000 Hungarians, bringing in people from the Balkan.

Hungary has started on the road of reconstruction and as the influence of the US and the Masonic States of France and UK will diminish in the area we will start a relentless drive to recover our land and people.